Top 5 Reasons Why Is Your Aircon Not Cold?

An air conditioner, often referred to as AC or aircon, is one of the most important equipments that we need to make our lives comfortable. They help to keep our homes cool when it is hot so that we are comfortable inside. Also, aircon decreases humidity levels so that we do not have to feel sticky. For this reason, realizing your aircon not cold is extremely irritating in Singapore. There are several things that could make your aircon not cold. Therefore, you need to understand the reason behind aircon not cold. Here are the five reasons why is your aircon not cold.

1 Aircon Not Cold Due To Dirty Aircon Blower Fan Coil

Dirty aircon blower fan coil can make your aircon not cold. The aircon blower fan coil is important to help to reduce the temperature of the air flowing through aircon blower making your room or office cool and comfortable. Failure to keep it clean by doing regular aircon servicing causes your aircon fan coil to be congested and flow of air will be affected. Hence, the room aircon not cold due to this. This can be avoided by engaging qualified aircon technicians from qualified aircon servicing company to maintain it regularly. Recommendation to service your aircon once in 3 months, if you are using your aircon daily. The servicing will may sure you change the situation from aircon not cold to aircon very cold.

2 Aircon Not Cold Due To Frozen Fancoil (Evaporator)

In some cases, the evaporator or fancoil may be frozen. Fancoil in Layman’s terms is actually the aircon blower as most people called it. Frozen may be due to a component defect making the air flow very poor. The poor air flow is not able to transfer the cold away from the aircon fancoil and hence making it too cold and in some cases, frozen. When it’s frozen, the air conditioner cannot work properly. The frozen fancoil is another reason why you have aircon not cold problem. How to detect if the evaporator is frozen? Usually, ice may be spotted on some surrounding parts of the aircon. If this happens, you will need to get qualified aircon servicing company technician to rectify the issue fast to prevent the defect to affect other components of the aircon.

3 Aircon Not Cold Due To Aircon Gas Leak (Refrigerant Leak)

The aircon system heat transfer is accomplished by aircon gas also known as refrigerant. This gas is evaporated and condensed to transfer the heat away from your room to the condenser outside your home. Because it’s a gas, a small leak in the aircon piping system will result in a reduced amount of gas to cool your room, hence aircon not cold. This is one of the common issues of aircon faced by people living in Singapore. In some cases, some aircon gas top-up will do the trick. However, in most cases, aircon leak is very difficult to solve as the aircon leak spots can be hard to spot due to cover up by insulations. Aircon gas top up may be just a temporary solution. You will need a professionally qualified aircon servicing technician to solve it permanently such as pressure test. This could be another reason why your aircon is not cold.

4 Aircon Not Cold Due To Defective Compressor

A defective compressor will not be in a position to compress the refrigerant and circulate it through the condenser coils and the evaporator as it is supposed to. These components are in the big bulky piece of machinery outside your home. There might also be a series of other components that might not work as a result of the defective compressor. Further tests will need to be carried out to test for the exact defective component. However this is one of the reasons of aircon being not cold.

5 Aircon Not Cold Due To Dirty Air Filter (Air Grille)

The air filter is important to help to reduce dust particles in the flow of air through the aircon and into the rooms of your office or house. Therefore, you should make sure it is clean always. If you fail to keep it clean by doing regular aircon servicing, your air filter may be clogged up and flow of air will not be effective into or out of your aircon blowers. Hence, the room may not be cold due to this. This can be avoided by making sure that the aircon is regularly serviced by qualified aircon technicians from a qualified aircon service company. Please note that some aircon model does not use aircon filters.

Conclusion Why Is Your Aircon Not Cold

Once you realize that there is something which is making your aircon not cold, you must look for the immediate solution rather than waiting for bigger defects to happen on your aircon system. You should not just hire any of the companies you find cheap to service your aircon. Cheap prices aircon servicing may not be a good solution. You should find a company whose technicians are well trained to provide a great aircon servicing job for the customers. I recently used an aircon company,
Singapore Ozone Aircon servicing, which do aircon servicing and services. Their services are good, efficient and serviced my aircon till the fancoil looks like brand new. They also spend time to clean my aircon filter and check for aircon gas leak at my aircon condenser. Great job Ozone Aircon, I will sure continue to use their services in the future. #SGairconservice

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