Top 3 Reasons Why Air Conditioner Servicing Often Is Important?

Introduction of the Importance of Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is one of the most important equipment that we need to make our lives comfortable. They help to keep our homes cool when it is hot so that we are comfortable inside. Also, air conditioner decreases humidity levels so that we do not have to feel sticky. Moreover air conditioner still can purify air by filtering out smoke particles, dusts and odours. Owing to the advancement of technology, air conditioner manufacturers today design air conditioner that not only have faster cooling rates but which also save up to 60% electricity. Today’s air conditioner also come with anti-dust filters, built-in stabilizers as well as auto adjust temperature feature so that one can have a great night’s sleep. However just like other equipments, air conditioner need to be regularly serviced or maintained so that they can perform well and efficiently.

Air Conditioner Servicing Improves Efficiency of Air Conditioner

Regular air conditioner servicing makes sure that your air conditioner performs its basic function of cooling air well especially when you need it most. Regular air conditioner servicing improves the efficiency of your air conditioner. Experts warn that for every year of operation in which you do not service your air conditioner, it loses up to 10% of its efficiency. After 3 years therefore, the efficiency of your air conditioner may have decreased by up to 30%. This adversely affects the performance of the aircon. However, the encouraging news is that, with regular air conditioner servicing, you can actually recover a high percentage of the lost efficiency. According to research, regular air conditioner servicing will maintain its efficiency at 95% of its original efficiency. Thus, the amount of money that one used for air conditioner servicing can be recovered in terms of reduced monthly utility bills and reduced repair costs. When air conditioner servicing is properly done also performs the function of purification and dehumidification home well.

Air Conditioner Servicing Helps Avoid Expensive Air Conditioner Repairs

Regular air conditioner servicing could find and address small air conditioner problems. If air conditioner servicing is not done and small issues left unsolved, it could cause other components of the air conditioner to not function properly or breakdown. Small air conditioner issues to snowball into much bigger and possibly more expensive air conditioner repairs. Example, if the air conditioner fan belt stopped and neglected, this can result in the air conditioner evaporator freeze up causing components to damage.

Air Conditioner Servicing Maintains Air Conditioner For Better Air Quality

If the air filters in your air conditioner are not working properly or are dirty, the air you are breathing is also poor with mould spores. Science have proven that poor air like these may cause running nose, flu, rash, red eyes and so on. Air conditioner servicing maintains air conditioner for better air quality. Air conditioner servicing includes testing, cleaning and maintained, detect possible aircon leak. Another reason for poor air may be due to leak of air conditioner refrigerant (aircon gas). This gas is potentially harmful to your health, so it is especially important to schedule regular air conditioner servicing to avoid, detect, clean and maintain. After all, the air in your home is breathed in by your family and you, all should deserve the cleanest possible air.

Recommended Method On How To Perform Air Conditioner Servicing?

Maintenance of the condenser of the air conditioner is very important. Engaging professional air conditioner maintenance and service company to maintain the condenser of the air conditioner is the safest way. The condenser of the air conditioner needs to wash the filters and fan coil. This can save one a lot of headache as well as money in future. Although it is not too difficult task, overlooked or failed to wash air conditioner condenser could cause it to malfunction and reduced coolness of the aircon.

As a homeowner, it is not recommended to do the air conditioner servicing on your own if you are not professionally trained. Improper ways to maintain the air conditioner may result in adverse effects for the air conditioner. Engaging professional air conditioner service technicians from professional air conditioner service company are the best way to maintain aircon.

How Often Should
Cleaning Air Conditioner Servicing Of Fancoil Be Done?

As the air conditioner operate for 3 months, dirt and dust can already accumulate in important areas such as the air filter and the fan coil. Although its just 3 months, the air conditioner efficiency can adversely be affected. The dirt and dust build-up, if not maintain and serviced, reduces your air conditioner’s operating efficiency by up to 10%. This means that your air conditioner may not be blowing cool air into the house as much as one liked it to be.

Air conditioner servicing professionals say that even if you do not suspect that your air conditioner unit has problems, you need to perform air conditioner servicing and inspecting by trained air conditioner technicians minimum twice every year. However if you used it daily, the recommended air conditioner servicing period is 3 months once. The air conditioner components which require servicing are the air conditioner blowers (aircon evaporator) located in your rooms. The air conditioner component which is located outside your house is the air conditioner condenser. This air conditioner comdenser’s recommended servicing period is one per year. This will ensure that all the air conditioner components operate at maximum efficiency. It will serve to cool your house in the months when you require it most.

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