About Sg Ozone Aircon Servicing Singapore

About Sg Ozone Aircon Servicing

SgOzoneAircon Servicing Singapore is the leading, reliable, and best air conditioning (aircon) servicing company in Singapore.

We believe in solving our customer’s aircon issues and we always do.

We specialize in aircon servicing, aircon repair, aircon installation, and other aircon services in Singapore with over 20 years of experience.

Our professional aircon repair and aircon servicing prices are affordable and in line with market rates.

One does not have to swelter in the hot weather of Singapore, just engage SgOzoneAircon servicing to perform preventive servicing and maintenance to enjoy a cool home and office.

Series of technicians servicing the indoor air-conditioning unit. Vacuuming dust and deposits

Why Choose Sg Ozone Aircon Servicing?

  1. Over 20 Years of Experience. SgOzoneAircon Servicing has aircon technicians who are well trained with experience in maintenance, repair, solve, and install air cond services in Singapore.
  2. Licensed Aircon Servicing & Services. SgOzoneAircon Servicing is a licensed contractor who is authorized to provide maintenance, repair, solve, and install air conditioner services for HDBs, condominiums, and commercial.
  3. We take out the Middleman. SgOzoneAircon Servicing uses our own in-house technicians who are well trained with experience in maintenance, repair, solve, and install air cond services in Singapore.

Sg Ozone Aircon Servicing Services

Aircon Servicing

– Cleaning and checking air filter, front panel & cover
– Cleaning and checking air grills
– Cleaning and checking indoor fancoil
– Cleaning and checking indoor drainage tray
– Vacuuming of the drainage system
– Checking fan bearing (if necessary)
– Checking compressor suction and discharge pressure
Aircon Chemical Cleaning

– Cleaning and checking air filter, front panel & cover
– Cleaning and checking air grills
– Spraying antibacterial chemical to dissolve dirt
– Cleaning and checking the indoor fancoil
– Cleaning and checking indoor drainage tray
– Vacuuming of the drainage system
– Use compress air to blast on fancoil to remove stubborn dirt and chemicals
Aircon Chemical Overhaul

– Checks condenser and perform a gas pump down
– Disassemble whole fancoil down for flushing and cleaning
– Checks thermostats and controls of the unit
– Cleans pipes, blower wheel and drain pans with antibacterial chemicals
– Cleans fancoil with antibacterial chemicals to facilitate the smooth transfer of heat without the build-up of dirt
Aircon Gas Top-Up/ Freon Gas

We will assist you in creating the ultimate room coldness through our gas top-up service. Prior to conducting the gas top-up, it is imperative that we thoroughly examine the pressure and joints of the copper piping to detect any potential gas leaks. Once the issue is identified, we will proceed with topping up the gas or carrying out the necessary procedures. Subsequently, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable room.

Several factors can contribute to a gas leak, including improper installation, incorrectly fitted joints, low-quality copper piping, or the presence of air within the copper piping system. Our team of skilled technicians will expertly address any gas leak concerns.

Aircon Gas Flush

Gas top-up mistakes, caused by inexperienced technicians, leading to air conditioning issues not being cold, are unfortunately quite common in Singapore. Many inexperienced customers are tempted to opt for cheap gas top-up services, but this poses a significant risk. Gas top-up is not as straightforward as it may seem and requires skilled technicians with years of experience to master the task. Air conditioning companies that offer cheap gas top-up services often deliver subpar workmanship, which is why their prices are low.

If an incorrect gas top-up causing not cold issues, it may be necessary to flush the gas and perform another gas top-up. This situation is further aggravated by the high cost of a tank of freon gas, especially the R410 freon gas. Customers who choose cheap air conditioning servicing usually end up paying more in the long run. The best course of action to resolve these issues and save money is to engage an experienced and licensed air conditioning servicing company like ours.

Sg Ozone Aircon Servicing Partners

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Aircon Servicing Reviews

feedback fauziahThis is my first time I tried Ozone Aircon Servicing and I am glad. Prompt appointment and efficient services. Will definitely hear from me again. Good work on cleaning my air conditioners!– Fauziah
feedback_elizExcellent aircon servicing at such a great price! I used to pay higher prices. Now I saved money thanks to Ozone Aircon. To all who are contemplating to call, just try!– Eliz
feedback_mr_liewThanks, Ozone Aircon. Despite my quite last min call, you guys are reliable aircon servicing company. I will sure make appointment with you guys again. Will recommend my friends too, cheers.– Mr Liew
feedback_juneMy aircon was not cold, I called another aircon service company and they could not solve it. After I called Ozone Aircon. they promptly came and solved my aircon not cold issue.– June

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